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Have Hope!
7 Tips for 
Healing Cancer 

My story…

In 2007 at the age of 17 I discovered a suspicious mole and much to my shock was soon diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma. I had several surgeries and one month of interferon treatments, followed by regular scans. After about 2 years of cancer-free living I was again diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma. Again, I had a couple surgeries (since the surgeon missed the initial tumor in the first surgery) which included removal of lymph nodes, 2 tumors (a second tumor grew between surgeries) and part of my ear. After recovering for 6 weeks I had one month of radiation treatments. Statistically at that point, the chance of my cancer returning within the next 3-5 years was greater than 50%. However, it was just 2 weeks after finishing radiation when I discovered a bump under my chin, which turned out to be melanoma. Not only that, but a scan showed I had 7 tumors total in my neck, lung and spine. I had “terminal” stage 4, inoperable cancer.

I was devastated and felt that conventional medicine had failed me. Not knowing where to turn, I began a quest for a cure (well, really, my mom and her friend did!), which ultimately led my treatment at a hospital in Mexico.

The following are 7 steps that were part of my healing journey that I believe will help you or a loved one prevent a recurrence or reverse a cancer diagnosis. It’s my prayer that you and your loved ones will be empowered to face cancer with confidence and experience complete health and healing!

7 Tips for Preventing and Healing Cancer:

1.     Do your research and pray for guidance

2.     DO what you know you need to do

3.     Take your diet to a new level

4.     Detoxify your body

5.     Address emotional/spiritual issues

6.     Consider alternative treatments

7.     Have faith and trust God!

This YouTube video on the right
is a recording of a live webinar I did on  the 7 steps to preventing and healing cancer.  In the beginning I share my story;  then I go into the 7 steps;  and finally I do some Q&A.  It's my gift to you!

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